Onyx Visit British Army Band Tidworth

Hymne Rehearsal
Dave Rehearsing Hymne with Members of The British Army Band, Tidworth

April 30th was a big day for the group, seeing the release of Festmusik, however not resting on our laurels we were honoured to be invited to deliver a continuing professional development (CPD) day to the British Army Brass Band Tidworth at their barracks in Wiltshire. This is a second of such projects that we have taken on, the first being to the musicians of the Household Division at Wellington Barracks. 

Der Abend Front Page
Front page of Der Abend

Due to continuing COVID social distancing restrictions, the day had to be suitably tailored so we ended up giving a short performance, a number of talks and Q&A sessions, working with four quintets, and in an amazing coincidence we rehearsed and performed the two Strauss motets that we released on our Festmusik: A Legacy recording the very same day!

Besides from getting to play some great music, these days we find intensely rewarding and often learn a lot ourselves, as it’s not about coaching or lecturing fellow professionals more of a two way conversation on managing, living and confronting the highs and lows of life as professional brass players, wherever that maybe.

A big thank you to all involved with the band who made us feel so welcome and we look forward to meeting everyone again soon.

Tidworth Garrison Theatre
Tidworth Garrison Theatre

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