Onyx Brass


Congratulations! It’s stunning,

Alexander Armstrong, Classic FM, on A Winter’s Night

It was very good and cool, I wish we can go again.

Harley, Radley Primary School

An Isolation Playlist from Amos

Amos has been asked for his ten favourite tracks for isolation by the Birmingham Royal Ballet. What do think? Do you agree? Any surprises? Have a listen over on Spotify and for some more background to his choices, go and visit the BRB website.

The Oynx Brass players were really good teachers and nice to play with.

Theo, Year 5

fantastic classical brass quintet,

their virtuosity is absolutely staggering…They are brilliant!

Sarah Walker, Sunday Morning, BBC Radio 3

Terrific sound and playing.

Guy Rickards, Gramophone Magazine on Onyx Noir

A superb disc by Onyx Brass.

Guy Rickards, Gramophone Magazine on Fanfares