Onyx Two Days in Devon and Hertfordshire

September 17th and 18th see the group travelling around in their return to some semblance of normality after the last eighteen months.

First up is a visit to Hertfordshire and a concert to open the Sarratt Festival of Music 2021. This was originally a concert that was scheduled one year ago but was postponed due to the obvious reason. We are so grateful that the festival has returned to us one year hence and we are looking forward to presenting a programme of original compositions, mixed with our popular arrangements of piano music by Brahms, Schumann and Gershwin.

Sarratt is just outside of the M25 in rural Herts and an easy journey for anyone living in and around the capital fancying an evening out in the countryside. More info

The very next day then sees members of the group hot-footing it to Devon to take part in a choral recording at Buckfast Abbey by the record label Ad Fontes. The label which was founded by the Abbey itself specialises in the music of the Roman Catholic Benedictine tradition and this recording of music by Flor Peeters with the Abbey Choir, will also feature the organ in the UK that was built by the renowned organ builder, Fratelli Ruffatti.

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